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Carla Thompson

Former Senior Analyst, Guidewire Group

andi will completely change how you interact with your computer and how you view any type of information.

Keith Shaw

Executive Producer, Network World

It looks very cool…like something out of Back to the Future when Marty was looking at the 20 TV screens all at once.

Don Dodge

Editor - The Next Big Thing

Of the thirty nine companies presented at DEMO, howsimple is one of five that impressed me most.

Chris Shipley

Former Executive Producer of DEMO and Current CEO of Guidewire Group

Howsimple has taken a paradigm shift from conventional methodologies that will change the way we view, manage and share information. Their ingenious approach and strategy must be seen to be believed.

Silicon Valley Innovation Summit

A0250 Global

AlwaysOn 2011 Global 250 "Ones to Watch"


When you first see andi, we hope that you resist the temptation to call it a browser. You'll likely think of browser tabs at first, until you see the vast amount of information that can be contained and easily accessed in a single "queue." With multi-concurrent panel viewing and interaction and multiple hyperlink extraction, among many other features, the Howsimple viewer could usher in a new era of online content interaction. Howsimple has a lot up its sleeve for future iterations as they are taking content access into a new realm entirely separate from the browser wars.

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